New staff and inaugural meeting

One of our incoming PhD researchers, Senna Thornton-Barnett recently joined the project staff at Department of Archaeology, University Of York (King’s Manor). Senna will be undertaking the archaeobotany component of the project and will be supervised by Dr.Sarah Walshaw, an expert in ethnobotany and historical archaeology along the Swahili Coast. In the Spring of 2015, Senna will gain further practical training with Professor Dorian Fuller through an archaeobotanical course based at UCL.


Soon after Senna arrived in York, AAREA had its first project meeting where several advisory board members, environmental scientists from the KITE project based in the University of York, and geographers from the Universities of Durham and Sheffield were in attendance.

The meeting gave all project members a chance to personally introduce themselves and their area of expertise whilst having the opportunity to discuss general questions, field logistics, and how research areas might effectively dovetail with each other. The most valuable takeaway from the meeting was having all interdisciplinary sections of the AAREA Project represented, even though not everyone could attend. Tabitha Kabora, a member of the research staff and agent-based modelling PhD student, was unable to attend the meeting, but her advisor, Dr. John Wainwright (Durham), was in attendance and promised to relay the meeting outcomes to her.

Travel dates are fast approaching as the team continues to gather equipment and read feverishly in preparation for Tanzanian fieldwork.

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