Launch of IrriGate – the African irrigation game

We are launching v.1 of the Android version of Irrigate, designed by Muhammad Zharif Copy of foi-logo
Hadi in conjunction with the AAREA project, at the York Festival of Ideas on Friday 10th June 2016. We’ll be on the grass at the front of King’s Manor, University of York, between 11am-4pm.

IrriGate – the game that allows you to play with a model irrigation system to try to get the most crops from your land. It is based entirely on the ancient archaeological site of Engaruka in NE Tanzania. Engaruka used to support extensive irrigated terraced field systems, in which, grew crops like millet and sorghum, these are staple crops like our wheat and barley.  But Engaruka was abandoned around 300 years ago – the reasons why continue to remain a mystery in African archaeology.

The game has two versions: one for Android phones and tablets, and the other that allows players to splash about with buckets of water.  The aim of both versions is the same: to open and close irrigation gates to distribute water as evenly as possible in order to grow as many crops as you can.

Irrigate without people

Please come along and play with both versions, learn about agriculture, archaeology and climate change at Engaruka, get wet, and join in with lots of competitions! You can also download the Android version now to start practising!





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