What on earth can the past of Eastern Africa tell us about future sustainability?


Left to right: Rob Marchant (University of York), Dr Suzi Richer (University of York), Bernard Rey (DG DEVCO), Hanna Saarinen (Oxfam) and Daryl Stump (University of York). Photo courtesy of Dr Sarah Walshaw @SarahCWalshaw

This article was originally posted on the White Rose Brussels blog:

A White Rose Brussels Event: What on earth can the past of Eastern Africa tell us about future sustainability?

On December 7 2017, the White Rose Brussels Office hosted an event which showcased the role Archaeology can play in informing EU agricultural development policy. The policy brief and interactive discussion presented insights from University of York EU-funded research projects, situating them in the broader context of EU agricultural development policy.

Speaking at the event was Bernard Rey, Deputy Head of Sector for Sustainable Agriculture at DG DEVCO, Hanna Saarinen, Investment in Agriculture Policy Advisor at Oxfam, as well as Suzi Richer and Daryl Stump, University of York academics from the ERC-funded project, AAREA.

Some of the key topics covered included DG DEVCO’s funding priorities in the areas of sustainable agriculture; the need for more EU-level finance directed at smallholder agriculture and women-led initiatives in developing countries; and the role long-term Archeological data has to play in informing the evidence-driven policy cycle.

By communicating key developments in EU policy and novel Archeological research, the event successfully brought together participants in a variety of sectors to explore new ways to think about sustainability.

Thank you to everyone who attended. Below, you can find the policy report that was presented as well as published articles on the topic and speaker slides:


Presentations and policy brief:

01.AAREA Policy Brief No 1 – Terraces are good, but sometimes sediment traps are better

AAREA Presentation White Rose 7-12-2017

DG DEVCO Presentation White Rose 7-12-2017

Oxfam Presentation White Rose 7-12-2017


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