Project Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

Lang, C., & Stump, D. (2017). Geoarchaeological evidence for the construction, irrigation, cultivation, and resilience of 15th–18th century AD terraced landscape at Engaruka, Tanzania. Quaternary Research, 88(3), 382-399. doi:10.1017/qua.2017.54

Ferro Vázquez, C., Lang, C., Kaal, J., and Stump, D., (2017) When is a terrace not a terrace? The importance of understanding landscape evolution in studies of terraced agriculture. Journal of Environmental Management, 202(3), 500-513.

Policy briefs

Stump, D and Richer, S 2017 ‘Terraces are good, but sediment traps are better’, AAREA Policy Brief No 1, University of York. AAREA Policy Brief No 1


Ferro Vázquez, C., (2017) In Pictures: Future of world heritage site depends on understanding the past, Features. Available online.

Richer, S., and Lang, C., (2017) Archaeological evidence for shifting irrigation and cultivation practices at Engaruka, Tanzania. Agricultural Heritage, Food and WetlandsRAMSAR Culture Network Update, No.7. Available online.

Richer, S., and Stump, D., (2016) More than just a terrace: perspective on the multifunctional agriculture of Konso, Ethiopia. Multifunctional Farming Systems, WFO E-Magazine F@RMletter,  54:5-7. Available online.


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